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Young Rappers from Memphis. Contact: Thurston Dorsey 901-363-5447
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Video:  Ed Webb (emajor photos/B&W Digital Video, www.bwvid.com)

"Serious Painters" movie trailer. Back by popular demand this summer (2012) Theatre to be announced soon. 

"Serious Painters" a film made in Memphis, Tennessee, is a comedy depicting the trials and tribulations of Mr. Dorsey, who has been painting houses for 27 years. His truck breaks down on the way to work and he has to continue to his job site carrying his tools and ladders in a grocery cart.Watch the silly and goofy antics unfold as he reflects back on several scenes from the past dealing with drunk, disorderly, lazy and unreliable help. Trying to set his nagging wife straight about who runs things at home and instead coming up with knocks and bruises for his trouble.


B&W Digital Video Demo reel  www.bwvid.com    B&W Digital Video demo reel. We are a video production company in Memphis,Tn. Gerald Best and Edward Webb, the B&W, are the owners. Let us produce your next video.  We are both retired and are freelancers. We shoot on or at your location.